Zerion Team
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April 8, 2021

Zerion Team in Numbers

An international and very diverse team is behind Zerion Pharma – a drug development company improving the formulation of poorly soluble drugs that are currently not reaching their therapeutical potential. Therefore, say hello to the brilliant bunch of people that are working towards making this possible.

Where expertise and ideas meet

The average age of the team is 39 and varies from 24 to 65, which gives us an edge in both experience and innovation. We sure have a lot of different perspectives and a multitude of skills to bring to the table.

A flexible work environment

It’s safe to say that Zerion has a global team working from all over Europe.  We are almost equally distributed between working from home, in the office, and laboratory. This means that we are pro’s at remote work and are able to work efficiently together by overcoming the physical and digital boundaries.

Global team

The latest 12 months have been extraordinary in many ways for Zerion Pharma and we have grown from an early start-up entity into a drug development company with an ambitious product portfolio. This has only been possible due to the fantastic efforts of our dedicated and competent team that now counts people of 9 nationalities and from 3 continents – we were born global from day one. 1 year and 1 month is an average time spent with the company. There has been a substantial growth – our team has doubled within the past year.

A multilingual team

Our team members can speak no less than 11 different languages – English, Danish, Spanish, German, Turkish, Arabic, Lithuanian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Dutch. International spirit is valued at Zerion and is reflected by our openness and awareness although having our roots in Denmark. If someone is up for a challenge we can teach you to say hi in any of these languages – quite nice, isn’t it?

We like sports

In our spare time we like to do all kinds of sports – from going to the gym, cycling, running, dancing, e-sports to playing squash, hiking, and keeping things clean. The second most popular hobby among the team members is traveling. We are also very much into reading, music, cooking, and spending time with friends and family members (when it is allowed, of course). We are obviously good at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

An innovative but familiar work setting

When asked what is the best thing about working at Zerion – it seems to be difficult to distinguish just one. Among the most popular answers are innovative technology, diversity in tasks, and, of course, the great team.

Coffee or tea?

It seems that the Zerion team is powered up by coffee which takes the first place with a strong 71 %. We do enjoy our tea but the best work is done with a cup of coffee nearby.