A new frontier
in drug formulation

The Dispersome® technology allows formulation of poorly soluble small molecule drugs into stable amorphous formulations with a high drug load.

Dispersome® - An enabling technology for low solubility drugs


Our Dispersome® platform is based around a class of novel excipients to formulate poorly soluble small molecule drugs into stable amorphous formulations with a high drug load.


By increasing solubility and dissolution rate the Dispersome® platform aims at improving bioavailability, therapeutic outcomes and convenience for patients.


Dispersome® formulations are compatible with standard solid oral dosage form manufacturing processes and facilities.

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About Zerion Pharma

Zerion is a pharmaceutical development company improving the formulation of poorly soluble drugs (oral solid dosage forms) that are currently not reaching their therapeutic potential. Through the use of our proprietary formulation platform, Dispersome®, we aim to develop new treatment options for patients across all therapeutic areas.

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Our technology

Up to 90 % of all new drug molecules are poorly soluble, which can be a problem as the drug must dissolve in order to be absorbed and reach its pharmacological target.

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Zerion Pharma News

Press Releases
August 29, 2022

Zerion Pharma and Insud Pharma announce collaboration to develop Dispersome® formulations of marketed drug products

AUGUST 29, 2022 (COPENHAGEN, Denmark). The Danish pharmaceutical company Zerion Pharma A/S (ZERION) and the Spanish pharmaceutical group Insud Pharma, SL today are announcing their collaboration to develop

Press Releases
August 23, 2022

Zerion Pharma and Hovione extend partnership to cover use of the Dispersome® technology platform in nutraceuticals

AUGUST 23, 2022 (COPENHAGEN, Denmark). Zerion Pharma A/S (ZERION) and Hovione today announced an extension of their collaboration on ZERION’s Dispersome® technology into the nutraceutical/dietary supplements field.

Press Releases
February 23, 2022

Arla Foods Ingredients and Zerion Pharma complete long-term supply agreement for beta-lactoglobulin (Lacprodan® BLG-100)

February 23, 2022 (COPENHAGEN, Denmark). Zerion Pharma A/S (“ZERION”) announces today that it has executed a long-term agreement with Arla Foods Ingredients covering the supply of its Lacprodan® BLG-100 for use as

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