A green technology for drugs

The Dispersome® technology uses high quality whey protein, an environmentally friendly by-product from cheese production, to improve the solubility and bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs.

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Technology that is changing the future


Our Dispersome® platform is based around a class of novel excipients to formulate poorly soluble small molecule drugs into stable amorphous formulations with a high drug load.


By increasing solubility and dissolution rate the Dispersome® platform aims at improving bioavailability, therapeutic outcomes and convenience for patients.


Dispersome® formulations are compatible with standard solid oral dosage form manufacturing processes and facilities.

Dispersome® – an amorphous mixture

Poor drug solubility is one of the biggest challenges preventing the development of novel drugs. Up to 90 % of all new drug molecules are poorly soluble, which can be a problem as the drug must dissolve in order to be absorbed and reach its pharmacological target. Many otherwise promising drug candidates are discontinued during early-stage development due to poor bioavailability resulting from poor solubility.

Our Dispersome® platform is based on a novel class of excipients that allows formulating poorly soluble small molecule drugs as stable amorphous dispersions with a high drug load. The amorphous form of a drug can increase its inherent solubility and by increasing solubility and dissolution rate the Dispersome® technology can improve bioavailability of drugs and reduce the dose required. To form a Dispersome® formulation the crystalline drug compound is simply mixed with the WPI and processed into an amorphous mixture.

A unique enabling excipient

The Dispersome® technology stabilizes the amorphous form by forming a unique drug dispersion in a protein-based matrix, resulting in exceptional drug loading and dissolution enhancement. Whey proteins have demonstrated an excellent ability to form amorphous mixtures and are both inexpensive to manufacture and safe to use. Compared with conventional polymeric excipients such as PVP, PVPVA and HPMCAS, WPI allows higher drug loading (>50%) and dissolution rate while maintaining stability.

The Dispersome® technology not only makes it possible to develop drugs that would otherwise never reach the market. In many cases, the technology outperforms other technological solutions on key parameters with major improvements in both drug loading, solubility, and bioavailability. Moreover, by replacing the use of fossil polymers and reducing the amount of drug needed per tablet, it saves resources in the manufacture and reduces toxic drug waste into the aquatic environment.

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Improving outcomes

Up to 90 % of all new drug molecules are poorly soluble, which can be a problem as the drug must dissolve in order to be absorbed and reach its pharmacological target.

Improved dissolution profile

Dissolution and Solubility Enhancement of ZN-X Dispersome® formulation compared to formulations using polymeric amorphous solid dispersions.

Dispersome® formulations have higher drug load (50%), higher solubility and higher dissolution rate compared with polymeric amorphous solid dispersions.

A graph that shows improved dissolution profile

Enhanced physical stability

Dispersome® technology compared to competing polymeric amorphous solid dispersion technologies.

Stability enhancement of the ZN-X Dispersome® even at high drug load (50%) compared to polymeric amorphous solid dispersions and the pure amorphous drug.

A table which shows how enhanced physical stability works

Dispersome® In Vivo Pharmacokinetics

Drug plasma exposure after a single-dose administration in rats.
The Dispersome® formulation results in similar PK exposure as originator product.

A graph showing Dispersome in Vivo Pharmacokinetics

Dispersome® development pipeline

Improving Excellent Drugs

Zerion is building a pipeline of proprietary formulations of oral small molecule drugs within several therapeutic areas to showcase the Dispersome® technology and bring it to market as a novel excipient.

The market launch of our lead candidate is planned to take place between 2025-2026. Zerion has identified and tested numerous other drug candidates and formulations with a promising market opportunity.

Drug development program

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