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February 15, 2024

dsm-firmenich and Zerion Pharma form a partnership to develop improved cannabinoids

First Cannabidiol drug formulation from partnership to enterclinical studies in 2024 

February 15, 2024 (COPENHAGEN, Denmark). Zerion Pharma A/S (“ZERION”) today announces an exclusive partnership with dsm-firmenich to take advantage of ZERION’s expertise and its Dispersome® technology for improving the bioavailability of cannabinoids. Improvements in bioavailability of cannabinoids can open the way for broadly applying these compounds for medical and nutritional purposes via the oral route.  

dsm-firmenich and ZERION have worked together since 2022 to develop improved cannabinoid products of high quality that can provide meaningful and proven health benefits to patients with various diseases. The collaboration has now resulted in formulations of Cannabidiol (CBD) with improved solubility and bioavailability compared to the crystalline material, and which are expected to match or surpass existing formulations of CBD. The quality and characteristics of the new CBD formulations make them candidates to become best-in-class materials in a variety of indications where CBD is thought to have a positive effect, such as severe pain, inflammation disorders, depression, and anxiety.  

dsm-firmenich is planning to conduct a clinical pharmacokinetic evaluation of the improved CBD formulations in 2024. Upon successful completion of the clinical study, the new CBD Dispersome® intermediate product will be made available to the global pharmaceutical industry engaged in developing effective CBD containing drug products under partnerships with dsm-firmenich.  

“We are extremely happy to have partnered with dsm-firmenich that we consider a global leader in the development of novel and improved cannabinoid products. We are therefore proud to announce this partnership that has already resulted in formulations with significant improvement in CBD solubility. To me, this is a clear recognition and evidence of ZERION’s formulation expertise and the game-changing potential of our technology platform”, says Ole Wiborg, CEO of ZERION.  

About Zerion Pharma A/S

ZERION develops its own proprietary drugformulations and offers its Dispersome® technology platform to establishedpharma companies as a means to solve their challenging drug solubilityproblems. By applying ZERION’s technology, the solubility of poorly soluble compounds may be greatly enhanced,which improves their oral bioavailability and thereby therapeutic outcomes forthe patients.  

ZERION was established in 2019 as aspin-out from the University of Copenhagen based on almost a decade ofresearch. 

About dsm-firmenich

As innovators in nutrition, health, andbeauty, dsm-firmenich reinvents, manufactures, and combines vital nutrients,flavors, and fragrances for the world’s growing population to thrive. With ourcomprehensive range of solutions, with natural and renewable ingredients andrenowned science and technology capabilities, we work to create what isessential for life, desirable for consumers, and more sustainable for theplanet. dsm-firmenich is a Swiss-Dutch company, listed on the EuronextAmsterdam, with operations in almost 60 countries and revenues of more than €12billion. With a diverse, worldwide team of nearly 30,000 employees, we bringprogress to life™ every day, everywhere, for billions of people.

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