We offer great partnership opportunities

Based on our Dispersome®  technology platform, we can offer various opportunities for partnerships with both biotech and pharma companies.

ZERION has established a strong intellectual property position where it is possible to offer exclusivity for a Dispersome® drug formulation until 2040. Our proprietary technology platform is easy to adopt and does not require investment in new and specialized equipment.

ZERION has a number of ongoing, undisclosed partnerships with established pharmaceutical companies. These are focused on improving drug solubility and bioavailability of completely novel drug compounds. The typical partnership program progresses through a feasibility phase of 2-4 months duration into a more committing program. We have established a very easy and cost-effective feasibility program where the feasibility of using the Dispersome® technology is tested on one or more partner compounds. Please contact us for more information about this program.

Additionally, we are seeking partners that are interested in the distribution of our own proprietary drug formulations, or alternatively in co-development programs. Should you be interested in learning more about our internal pipeline and other partnering opportunities, please contact us for more information.