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May 10, 2021

ZERION PHARMA elects Dr. Torsten Goesch and Dr. Lars Lykke Thomsen as new board members

(Copenhagen, May 10, 2021). ZERION Pharma, a Danish pharmaceutical company, elected two new members Dr. Torsten Goesch and Dr. Lars Lykke Thomsen to join its board of directors at the annual general meeting held on May 6, 2021.

Dr. Torsten Goesch is an experienced life science venture capital investor and has been a partner and director at Rosetta Capital since 2002. Dr. Goesch is also the founder and former managing director of TRG invest, a Munich-based consultancy serving companies in the life science sector. Prior to his role at Rosetta capital he was the general manager of Biogen in Europe from 1997 to 1999 and before this he was the commercial head of Merck KGaA’s generic drug business, Merck Generics. He brings a wealth of experience to the role, having served on the board of many notable biopharmaceutical companies including Enobia Ltd, Cytochroma Ltd and the Danish company Forward Pharma. Dr. Goesch is a physician by training and holds an MD and PhD degree from Heinrich Heine University Dusseldorf. He has also practiced as a clinician in internal medicine at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf focusing on nephrology, immunology and oncology. Further, he has Master of Management from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

Dr. Lars Lykke Thomsen is an experienced life sciences and pharmaceutical executive with a strong clinical and scientific background. He has 20 years of R&D experience from the pharmaceutical industry including CROs providing strategic and operational leadership in drug development programs and 20 years of management experience in pharmaceutical companies. He is currently the Chief Medical Officer in Pharmacosmos A/S, a Danish pharmaceutical company specialized in manufacturing and development of compounds for treating iron deficiency with or without anemia.. Here he is responsible for the overall clinical development strategy/execution and technical evaluation bringing new projects into the drug development pipeline. He has further served on the board of  small to medium sized pharmaceutical companies providing strategic and operational insights. Dr Thomsen currently serves as an adjunct professor in translational research at the University of Aalborg. He is a physician by training and holds a Medical degree from University of Copenhagen and a PhD and DMSc in CNS related pharmacology from University of Copenhagen.

We are thrilled to welcome Dr Torsten Goesch and Dr Lars Lykke Thomsen to our board. They are both outstanding pharma industry leaders and will be able to support ZERION with invaluable insights from their vast professional experience. We are looking into two important events within the next 12 months: A listing on NASDAQ First North and preparing for our first clinical trial in humans of a Dispersome drug formulation. Together, Torsten and Lars have an excellent background to secure that we can accomplish these goals ”, says Ole Wiborg, CEO of ZERION.

With the election of Dr Goesch and Dr Thomsen to the board of directors ZERION is well positioned to continue its mission to commercialise the Dispersome technology and bring new and better performing drugs to the patients.

Poor drug solubility is a major problem for the pharma industry

ZERION is a pharmaceutical development company specialised in improving the bioavailability of oral drug products by increasing their solubility. The company has pioneered the patented Dispersome® formulation technology that enables poorly soluble drugs to reach their true therapeutic potential. Poor drug solubility is one of the biggest challenges hampering the commercial development of novel small molecule drugs. Approximately 90% of all oral drugs in pharmaceutical pipelines do not sufficiently dissolve in the gastrointestinal tract and therefore cannot be absorbed into the circulation to exert their therapeutic effect. Many otherwise promising drug candidates are thus discontinued during early-stage development due to poor bioavailability.

The Dispersome® platform technology

The Dispersome® technology uses high quality whey protein isolate (WPI), an environmentally friendly by-product from cheese production, to disrupt the drug crystal structure. A unique amorphous composition is formed from the mixture of WPI and drug molecules resulting in improved drug solubility and bioavailability. The technology enables lowering of the drug dose, resulting in fewer and smaller tablets enhancing patient compliance as well as minimising any side effects. Dispersomes® can be produced using standard pharmaceutical equipment.

In addition to its internal product portfolio, ZERION is also collaborating with established pharmaceutical companies to assist them in optimising the therapeutic performance of its partners drug compounds.

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